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Shop Talk: Uses of History in a Novel

I’ve been thinking about the various ways I use history in novels. In the Owen Archer novels, I (as Candace) make use of the history to create the motivation for the crime and the circumstances–political, cultural, local–that led to it and that create obstacles… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Uses of History in a Novel”

Shop Talk: change one thing

Wondering. Why couldn’t that scene be here? I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I’d placed it where I did. I experimented, bringing it forward in the manuscript, and wonder of wonders, it not only went a long way toward clarifying an… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: change one thing”

Happily Ever After

I’ve been quiet, I know. My husband and I are caught up in providing hospice care to our fragile elder kitty, Agrippa, who is dying of congestive heart failure. He’s having more frequent crashes, panting for breath, his heart hammering. My husband and I… Continue Reading “Happily Ever After”

Pondering: Warmth

Reading an interview with Ian McEwan in the NYT (the “By the Book” column for 6 Dec), I paused over the phrase “warm intelligence” (in regard to Shakespeare). Warm. I’m in the warmth seeking stage of revising this manuscript. A few of the historical… Continue Reading “Pondering: Warmth”

Patience–no residue or wake

A concept in spiritual practices that I’ve been exploring in my work is that of leaving no residue. If we live authentically and according to our deepest intentions, our actions leave no residue of discomfort or remorse. Some refer to this as causing no… Continue Reading “Patience–no residue or wake”