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The Benefit of Feline Companionship

After a deadline push I always feel a bit at sea, at odds with myself, uncertain what to tackle next. I felt it when I sent off the final proofs of A Triple Knot in late winter, I feel it now having just send… Continue Reading “The Benefit of Feline Companionship”

A Triple Knot

Yes, I’ve been quiet, but for a good reason. I’m reviewing the copyedit of A Triple Knot and making the last substantive changes–a tense yet exhilarating point in the birthing of a book. I’m reading it aloud to catch infelicitous phrases, inconsistencies, and repetitions.… Continue Reading “A Triple Knot”

The Writing Life: Music as Muse

A warm, golden summer evening, caught in traffic, luckily in the shade of huge old trees bordering the university, but anxious about being late. I knew it was no use obsessing, it was a gorgeous evening and the bridge was up for boaters. It… Continue Reading “The Writing Life: Music as Muse”


Once again I find myself agonizing over the first line of the new novel. I do this with each book, even though I know quite well that the first line will change and change again as I proceed. After 16 novels I know this… Continue Reading “Beginning”

Some Quotes About the Writing Life

In an interview with A. L. Kennedy in the NYT (13 Mar 13), John Williams asks: “Have you ever learned anything specific about your craft from reading a critic’s reaction to your work?” She replies: “From a professional critic, no. I’ve never expected to.… Continue Reading “Some Quotes About the Writing Life”