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Shop Talk: Patience and Trust vs Outline

Once upon a time, at the very beginning of my writing career, I would spend several months outlining a book before I began to write, and then revise the outline as I moved along. The revisions were not simply a matter of ensuring that… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Patience and Trust vs Outline”


Once again I find myself agonizing over the first line of the new novel. I do this with each book, even though I know quite well that the first line will change and change again as I proceed. After 16 novels I know this… Continue Reading “Beginning”


Has it ever happened to you? You’ve been doing something for years and one day you stop and ask–Why? I’m talking about a questioning that persists, prevents you from carrying on as usual,  erodes your customary assumptions, halts you with deeper and deeper whys… Continue Reading “Questioning”

Shop Talk: Inspiration = What Haunts You

I highly recommend a piece in the opinion pages of the NYT today, a conversation between Colm Toibin and Jeffrey Eugenides, “The Stuff That Won’t Go Away”. I’ve copied below the part that resonated with me. As I rewrite the ms-that-was-formerly-known-as-The-Hero’s-Wife (haven’t yet replaced the… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Inspiration = What Haunts You”

The King's Mistress–part of a lovely review

I discovered a lovely review of The King’s Mistress on Aimee Krenz’s blog Naked Pages (http://nakedpagereviews.blogspot.com) last week. Of course I love it because it’s so positive, but even better she spoke to the heart of some of the aspects I hold most dear,… Continue Reading “The King's Mistress–part of a lovely review”