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Women in Community–& a preview!

Ever since the Women’s March on Washington I’ve been thinking about the power of women in community. I’ve been writing about strong, clever, resourceful women throughout my career. Even in the Owen Archer series I surround my male sleuth with strong women–Lucie Wilton, the… Continue Reading “Women in Community–& a preview!”

Tea and Book Talk at the Bellevue Library: Mysterious England (and more)

I cannot believe it’s September already! A busy month for me. Coming up in a week (10 September), Alice Boatwright, Marty Wingate and I will be at the Bellevue Library, 2-3:30 pm, to talk about our books, our love of England, and serve tea.… Continue Reading “Tea and Book Talk at the Bellevue Library: Mysterious England (and more)”

My Unruly Characters

At first it surprised me that the characters I created in my books chatted and interacted with each other even when I stepped away from my desk. While I weeded the garden, walked with friends, washed dishes, fell asleep, I eavesdropped on Owen Archer,… Continue Reading “My Unruly Characters”

Down the Rabbit Hole: interview on The Big Thrill

I’m interviewed in the July issue of The Big Thrill, the monthly publication of International Thriller Writers. George Ebey fed me questions and let me run with them–and I did, dear┬áreaders, I did. I talk about how I wound up in Seattle, why I… Continue Reading “Down the Rabbit Hole: interview on The Big Thrill”

Point of View: Whiplash!

I’ve neglected my blog while caught up in completing Kate Clifford #2 and promoting Kate Clifford #1 (The Service of the Dead) at independent bookstores. The manuscript of #2 is now with my agent and a few careful readers, so I’m distracting myself from… Continue Reading “Point of View: Whiplash!”