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Shop Talk: Juggling

The year is not yet a month old, but very nearly. As my New Year’s resolution regarding social media is to post here more and visit Twitter less I’d planned to post to my blog at least once a month. Some posts, such as… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Juggling”

March is Women’s History Month!

Last night, sublime music, women’s voices soaring in a Medieval Women’s Choir concert at Trinity Church. I was transfixed, transported by the voices. During the instrumentals I closed my eyes and watched all my beloved characters dancing to the vielle and harp. Members of… Continue Reading “March is Women’s History Month!”

The Beguines of Medieval Paris—guest post by Tanya Stabler Miller

First, I’d like to thank Candace for inviting me to discuss my book. I’m so pleased to have discovered her work, as well as her blog (through fellow beguine-scholar Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane!) The study of beguines represents a significant challenge for historians of women… Continue Reading “The Beguines of Medieval Paris—guest post by Tanya Stabler Miller”

New Book on Beguines and forthcoming guest post

The University of Pennsylvania Press has just published The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage, and Spiritual Authority by Tanya Stabler Miller , and tomorrow Tanya will be a guest on this blog! My thanks to Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane, who was my guest in December,… Continue Reading “New Book on Beguines and forthcoming guest post”

Beguine Communities and Medieval History: An Unexpected Treasure?

It is my pleasure to welcome Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane, Associate Professor of History, University of Minnesota, Morris, as my guest blogger this morning. Feel free to pose any questions as comments, and I’ll post Jennifer’s responses! A little background on Jennifer: “I am a… Continue Reading “Beguine Communities and Medieval History: An Unexpected Treasure?”