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Shop Talk: Creativity, Sanity, Deadline

I have been quiet, working toward a looming deadline. A good friend across country is in a similar space, completing her doctoral dissertation. Earlier this week she asked how I do it over and over again, writing to a deadline and managing to keep… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Creativity, Sanity, Deadline”

Out of Silence

Over the Labor Day weekend and into the following week I was on silent retreat in the woods. Although I shared the retreat with over forty meditators, the solitude I found in silence was, as always, a revelation. Companionship and solitude–such a gift. It… Continue Reading “Out of Silence”

Morning Meditation

Early morning. I take my place on my cushion, set the timer, close my eyes, and breathe deeply. Nothing to do but sit. In a while I’ll go down to my office, but not yet. Now I’m simply present. Breathing in, breathing out. My… Continue Reading “Morning Meditation”