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Shop Talk: using Clothing To Shape Story and Character

n Chaucer and Costume: The Secular Pilgrims in the General Prologue (DS Brewer 2000), Laura Hodges presents in wondrous detail how in “Chaucer’s descriptions of textiles, as well as styles, garments, and accessories worn by his pilgrims… [he] weaves a web of costume signs and fabricates characterizations.” (3) Laura knows something about using clothing to enhance a text, and that is why she has been my go to person regarding medieval clothing ever since we met.

ICMS 2014

Medievalists from around the world delivered a welcome gift to Kalamazoo, Michigan, in early May–spring! When we arrived on Wednesday the 7th, very few trees had leafed out. But by midday Sunday, as we were bidding farewell to colleagues many of us see but… Continue Reading “ICMS 2014”