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Danièle Cybulskie Interviews Me for the Medievalist Podcast!

A week ago Danièle Cybulskie and I chatted about creating the worlds of my medieval novels. Here’s a link! She’s an Owen Archer fan, so we talk about how it all began with The Apothecary Rose and go on from there, eventually bringing in… Continue Reading “Danièle Cybulskie Interviews Me for the Medievalist Podcast!”

Bad Girls and Transgressive Women—Review!

Are you looking for a provocative collection of essays for your syllabus this fall? Take a look at Bad Girls and Transgressive Women in Popular Television, Fiction, and Film, edited by Julie A. Chappell and Mallory Young (Palgrave Macmillan 2017). The title caught my… Continue Reading “Bad Girls and Transgressive Women—Review!”

Writing as a Journey of Discovery

I’m happily absorbed in rearranging and polishing the third Kate Clifford novel. The first draft of a novel is always a journey of discovery for me: only after I’ve followed the characters through the story do I see the patterns, the connections, the emotional… Continue Reading “Writing as a Journey of Discovery”

Casting a Female Sleuth in a Historical Crime Series

As promised, I’m sharing with you the three guest posts I wrote for the recent Kate Clifford blog tour, knowing that many of you would not have seen them. Here is the second, which first appeared here. I remember the day my new sleuth,… Continue Reading “Casting a Female Sleuth in a Historical Crime Series”

I Hope to See You!

Just as the 2nd Kate Clifford (A Twisted Vengeance) is about to be released (9 May in the US and Canada, late May in the UK), the events page on my website goes down! But not to worry, I’ve reinstated the Appearances/Events page on… Continue Reading “I Hope to See You!”