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On My Mind: Wolves, Magda Digby

Why do we so fear wolves? They are predators, yes, but so are cats, and many of us live with cats, indeed sleep with them curled into our warm bodies. Eagles, hawks, and owls are also predators, yet most people I know, though in… Continue Reading “On My Mind: Wolves, Magda Digby”

On the Reburial of King Richard III

On the weekend, a friend gently teased me about caring where King Richard III is reburied. He said Richard was past caring. Pragmatism. Yes, of course it’s true that Richard is beyond caring. But I’m able to do what I do, bringing the late… Continue Reading “On the Reburial of King Richard III”

My Most Painful Scene (so far)

Avril Field-Taylor wrote recently, “It’s a long time since I cried at the death of a character, but I did at Thoresby’s death in Vigil of Spies.” In the Author’s Note of Vigil I mentioned the little tricks I used to cheer myself up… Continue Reading “My Most Painful Scene (so far)”