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Edward of Woodstock's tower in Geronde estuary

Serendipity–I am working on Joan of Kent, married at one point in her life, and most famously, to Edward of Woodstock, in modern times known as the Black Prince (NOT in the 14th century). Yesterday I was doing my usual dawdle around the web… Continue Reading “Edward of Woodstock's tower in Geronde estuary”

A Making Visible: the gift of fiction

“In the original Greek sense of the word, they [novels] are fantasies—‘a making visible.’ They put before us things that cannot be seen in life: other hearts, other minds….” This is what intrigues me about setting real historical figures in motion—fathoming their hearts and minds. What did they yearn for? What moved them to act? How did they feel about those around them? Whom did they trust? Whom did they fear?