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What is a witch?

I’ve been exploring what it means to label someone a “witch”, not in the sense of name-calling, but when claiming that someone practices “witchcraft”. That depends on when and where it occurs, and who is doing the labeling. So what was going on with the idea of a witch in Magda’s time?

New Book on Beguines and forthcoming guest post

The University of Pennsylvania Press has just published The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage, and Spiritual Authority by Tanya Stabler Miller , and tomorrow Tanya will be a guest on this blog! My thanks to Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane, who was my guest in December,… Continue Reading “New Book on Beguines and forthcoming guest post”

Upcoming Events

For those of you in Seattle/Bellevue/Issaquah, Emma and I will be signing books alongside fellow members of the Pacific NW Writers Association on Saturday, 14 December, at the Writers Cottage in Gilman Village (The Cottage is located near the southeastern corner of the Village… Continue Reading “Upcoming Events”

Beguine Communities and Medieval History: An Unexpected Treasure?

It is my pleasure to welcome Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane, Associate Professor of History, University of Minnesota, Morris, as my guest blogger this morning. Feel free to pose any questions as comments, and I’ll post Jennifer’s responses! A little background on Jennifer: “I am a… Continue Reading “Beguine Communities and Medieval History: An Unexpected Treasure?”

Copyedit's Off! and Coming Soon….

Yesterday I returned the copyedit of A Triple Knot. Hurrah! Those of you familiar with the publishing process know the significance of this stage. As the cover letter from my publisher reads: “This is the last time you will have the opportunity to make… Continue Reading “Copyedit's Off! and Coming Soon….”