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Coming Soon–A Murdered Peace, Kate Clifford 3

A Murdered Peace will be published on 11 December, and just in case you haven’t YET preordered the trade paperback or e-book, here are some glowing reviews and an interview to entice you. The Historical Novel Society says: “Robb deftly weaves in historical background… Continue Reading “Coming Soon–A Murdered Peace, Kate Clifford 3”

Shop Talk: Anton Chekhov on the Aim of Literature

I promised in my last post to share another passage from Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose, this one quoted from a letter by Chekhov (my boldface): ÔÇťArtistic literature is called so because it depicts life as it really is. Its aim is… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Anton Chekhov on the Aim of Literature”

Another Much-Maligned Woman Brought to Life

I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Susan Higginbotham’s novel The Queen of Last Hopes this past autumn, and thought I’d share the note I wrote to her editor: From the moment King Henry appears in The Queen of Last Hopes… Continue Reading “Another Much-Maligned Woman Brought to Life”