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Gazing Inward, With Friendly Curiosity

Our most important writing tool is trust in our own unique vision, our own voice. Stop comparing. Look within. I wrote that in my journal after a friend, a poet, confided that she was experiencing a storm of self-doubt. As I reassured her I… Continue Reading “Gazing Inward, With Friendly Curiosity”

Shop Talk: Tweeting re My Work-in-Progress

I am fascinated by the creative process, my own and others’. I know writers who begin with a beautiful first sentence and build a book from that, never changing that first sentence. I know others who begin with an interaction among characters, essentially a… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Tweeting re My Work-in-Progress”

Walking Out Sticking Points

Earlier this week, Terri Windling posted on her blog, Myth and Moor, a collection of quotes about the power of a walk to help clear the mind, connect us with our bodies, and invite inspiration. She shared this passage from Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust: A… Continue Reading “Walking Out Sticking Points”

Out of Silence

Over the Labor Day weekend and into the following week I was on silent retreat in the woods. Although I shared the retreat with over forty meditators, the solitude I found in silence was, as always, a revelation. Companionship and solitude–such a gift. It… Continue Reading “Out of Silence”

From Dogma to the Unknown

“Moving from dogma to the unknown is … a movement from dullness to aliveness, and life becomes an exploration, a celebration.” Inspiration can come from unexpected directions. The other morning this line from Catherine Ingram’s Passionate Presence (Gotham Books 2003) led me into a… Continue Reading “From Dogma to the Unknown”