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The Benefit of Feline Companionship

After a deadline push I always feel a bit at sea, at odds with myself, uncertain what to tackle next. I felt it when I sent off the final proofs of A Triple Knot in late winter, I feel it now having just send… Continue Reading “The Benefit of Feline Companionship”

A Catte ther was

I just came across this delightfully silly bit in Kathleen Walker-Meikle’s book Medieval Pets (Boydell Press 2012). If you’re daunted by middle English, read it aloud and I think you’ll understand all of it.“In a manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales from Barking Abbey in… Continue Reading “A Catte ther was”

Losing an Office Companion

Agrippa¬†¬† 1996-2013 On Ash Wednesday I lost my beloved office buddy, Agrippa. I can’t believe he’s gone. He greeted me that morning with his sweet little hello sound, ate a wee bit of tuna while purring, purred some more as I rubbed his ears,… Continue Reading “Losing an Office Companion”

The Cat Burglar

Mid December already! Where have we been? To California and back again–Stanford is such a beautiful campus and I thoroughly enjoyed the Sarum Seminar evening (I could relax–Emma was talking): A Great Good Place for Books IS a great good place for books in… Continue Reading “The Cat Burglar”