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Q&A with Elena Woodacre (part 2 of 2)

My recent interview with Michael Evans seems like a companion piece to this interview, originally posted in January, so I thought I’d repost it for those who missed it. Enjoy! I’m back today with Elena “Ellie” Woodacre, editor of the recently published collection Queenship… Continue Reading “Q&A with Elena Woodacre (part 2 of 2)”

Little, Big: the Royal Court vs. Owen Archer’s York

While you await the publication day of A Triple Knot, I thought I’d share with you the paper I presented at the most recent International Congress on Medieval Studies. The session was The Real Generic Middle Ages, sponsored by the Tales After Tolkien Society.… Continue Reading “Little, Big: the Royal Court vs. Owen Archer’s York”

Alice Perrers’s Pearls

Pearls. Beauty formed as protection for oysters and mussels from tiny stones or grains of sand. Layers and layers of a lustrous substance, nacre. Light reflected from the overlapping layers gives pearls their iridescent luster. I’ll be talking about The King’s Mistress at a… Continue Reading “Alice Perrers’s Pearls”

The Writing Life: Music as Muse

A warm, golden summer evening, caught in traffic, luckily in the shade of huge old trees bordering the university, but anxious about being late. I knew it was no use obsessing, it was a gorgeous evening and the bridge was up for boaters. It… Continue Reading “The Writing Life: Music as Muse”

Shop Talk: Uses of History in a Novel

I’ve been thinking about the various ways I use history in novels. In the Owen Archer novels, I (as Candace) make use of the history to create the motivation for the crime and the circumstances–political, cultural, local–that led to it and that create obstacles… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Uses of History in a Novel”