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Background on A TRIPLE KNOT: Envisioning Joan

In the beginning, I play with characters, trying them out in scenes, testing how they react to events and their fellow characters. With Joan of Kent, I’d already portrayed her several years before the death of her husband, the Black Prince, in A Vigil… Continue Reading “Background on A TRIPLE KNOT: Envisioning Joan”

Blanche, Lady Wake

As I count down from 2 weeks (yesterday!) until the publication of A Triple Knot (8 July!), I’ve been thinking about the stories that didn’t make the cut. I knew from the first that living as she did in the thick of the royal… Continue Reading “Blanche, Lady Wake”

Changes Afoot!

As publication day for A TRIPLE KNOT grows nigh (8 July!), the delightful Sarah in Random House’s marketing department is putting together a beautiful website for me. At last Candace and Emma will share a website.¬† Fair warning!¬†Sometime in the next week or so… Continue Reading “Changes Afoot!”

So the Voynich Manuscript May Not Be a Fake?

So the Voynich Manuscript May Not Be a Fake? My thanks to my friend Chris Nickson for sending me this link today. I love this sort of scholarly sleuthing–like Julie’s Chappell’s work in tracking down the different rubricators in the Margery Kempe manuscript (The… Continue Reading “So the Voynich Manuscript May Not Be a Fake?”

A Triple Knot Page Proofs Off to NYC!

Oh the joy of sending off the page proofs of A Triple Knot, three years in the birthing! The joy and the terror, actually…. As I handed them over to Jim at the FedEx desk I shivered, knowing that somewhere in that 4 pounds… Continue Reading “A Triple Knot Page Proofs Off to NYC!”