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March is Women’s History Month!

Last night, sublime music, women’s voices soaring in a Medieval Women’s Choir concert at Trinity Church. I was transfixed, transported by the voices. During the instrumentals I closed my eyes and watched all my beloved characters dancing to the vielle and harp. Members of… Continue Reading “March is Women’s History Month!”

Warmest Wishes for the Holidays!

My quiet street is alight in the evenings and the Christmas ships twinkle on the lake below. The longest night is near. For me the weeks surrounding the winter solstice share a magic with sites such as Carn Llidi, where the barriers between the… Continue Reading “Warmest Wishes for the Holidays!”

Two Interviews on the Margaret Kerr Blog Tour

I’m momentarily distracted by an ongoing, quite heated argument between Kate Clifford and her mother. While I deal with them, I thought you might enjoy reading two interviews that appeared this week as part of Maggie’s tour. In the first, I’m interviewed; in the… Continue Reading “Two Interviews on the Margaret Kerr Blog Tour”

My first glimpse of Margaret Kerr was from a train heading north

On a warm summer day in the late ’90’s, I was staring out the window of the train from York to Edinburgh when I first encountered the young woman who would become Maggie Kerr. This was the last leg of a book tour and… Continue Reading “My first glimpse of Margaret Kerr was from a train heading north”

In Celebration of the Margaret Kerr Series in E-books (US & Canada)

All three books in the Margaret Kerr series are now available as e-books in the US and Canada (11 August). This is the first publication of books 2 and 3, The Fire in the Flint and A Cruel Courtship in North America. So this… Continue Reading “In Celebration of the Margaret Kerr Series in E-books (US & Canada)”