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First person narrative

I did not intend to write The King’s Mistress in first person. It’s confining. I find it more suitable for short pieces with a twist rather than for novels. A first person narrator is to a greater or lesser degree unreliable. She presents only… Continue Reading “First person narrative”

6 July–US Publication Day

This is a special day for me. Although the British version of The King’s Mistress went on sale in the UK last summer, my work on the book was not over. For the US and foreign language editions I was to cut roughly 100… Continue Reading “6 July–US Publication Day”


My work on Alice Perrers, a woman much reviled since the 14th century, has inspired a fascination with reputations—or, more specifically, why we give them such credence. We limit our understanding of the world when we base our opinions on reputations rather than ferreting… Continue Reading “Reputation”

And so it begins….

As it’s  just over a month until my novel The King’s Mistress hits the bookstores in the US, I thought it a propitious time to launch a blog. I’ve been inspired by all the promotional pieces I’ve been preparing for the book launch. I… Continue Reading “And so it begins….”