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Shop Talk: Uses of History in a Novel

I’ve been thinking about the various ways I use history in novels. In the Owen Archer novels, I (as Candace) make use of the history to create the motivation for the crime and the circumstances–political, cultural, local–that led to it and that create obstacles… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Uses of History in a Novel”

More Post Kalamazoo

Since the round table in celebration of Mark Ormrod’s Edward III (Yale, 2011), I’ve been rereading sections of the book with fresh eyes and mind. I first read it as I was rewriting Rebel Pawn, clearly reading the parts that might change my mind… Continue Reading “More Post Kalamazoo”

Shop Talk: Character-Driven

Character-driven: it’s a phrase that’s become so common in reviews and articles about publishing that it’s in danger of becoming a cliche–perhaps it already has. But I live with the reality of a character-driven career. I am haunted, teased, cajoled, intrigued, scolded by my… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Character-Driven”

Autumn and revisions

How quickly the month advances. It must be autumn now–I made oatmeal this morning after shivering on the way to yoga class. The sun is shining, that slanted autumn light so welcome after days of mist and fog. Though I love walking in the… Continue Reading “Autumn and revisions”

Shop Talk: Inspiration = What Haunts You

I highly recommend a piece in the opinion pages of the NYT today, a conversation between Colm Toibin and Jeffrey Eugenides, “The Stuff That Won’t Go Away”. I’ve copied below the part that resonated with me. As I rewrite the ms-that-was-formerly-known-as-The-Hero’s-Wife (haven’t yet replaced the… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Inspiration = What Haunts You”