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Point of View: Whiplash!

I’ve neglected my blog while caught up in completing Kate Clifford #2 and promoting Kate Clifford #1 (The Service of the Dead) at independent bookstores. The manuscript of #2 is now with my agent and a few careful readers, so I’m distracting myself from… Continue Reading “Point of View: Whiplash!”

Why Study History?

What is the importance of doing history? I once posed this question to a friend, the historian AC (Compton) Reeves. His response, at once playful but also clearly sincere, resonated so strongly with my own feelings that I wrote it on the whiteboard in… Continue Reading “Why Study History?”

An Appreciation of the Art of Editing

Editing is an art. Before I was a published writer, I worked as an editor of scientific and technical publications in a university laboratory. I came to the job without a strong background in the lab’s research area, oceanography, underwater acoustics and polar science,… Continue Reading “An Appreciation of the Art of Editing”

Celebrating Owen and Maggie with Virtual Tours

I’m celebrating the reissue of the Owen Archer and Margaret Kerr mysteries in the US and Canada with two “blog tours” this autumn, one for each series. What is a blog tour, you ask? It’s a form of online publicity, like a traditional book… Continue Reading “Celebrating Owen and Maggie with Virtual Tours”

Shop Talk with Susan Signe Morrison about Grendel’s Mother (2 of 2)

And now, without further ado, talking shop with Susan Signe Morrison, whose novel Grendel’s Mother: the Saga of the Wyrd-Wife is just out from Top Hat Books! Q:  In Grendel’s Mother you use a spare style, no psychological explorations, no in depth descriptions of… Continue Reading “Shop Talk with Susan Signe Morrison about Grendel’s Mother (2 of 2)”