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On My Mind: Wolves, Magda Digby

Why do we so fear wolves? They are predators, yes, but so are cats, and many of us live with cats, indeed sleep with them curled into our warm bodies. Eagles, hawks, and owls are also predators, yet most people I know, though in… Continue Reading “On My Mind: Wolves, Magda Digby”


Out on a walk, I watched a couple with a small child approaching. Slowly, oh so slowly, as the boy would take one or two tiny steps forward, then circle his progress, so he was looping down the street. As we passed, I commented… Continue Reading “Circling”

Pondering: Warmth

Reading an interview with Ian McEwan in the NYT (the “By the Book” column for 6 Dec), I paused over the phrase “warm intelligence” (in regard to Shakespeare). Warm. I’m in the warmth seeking stage of revising this manuscript. A few of the historical… Continue Reading “Pondering: Warmth”