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Countdown to Owen Archer E-books in the US & Canada

It’s Sunday afternoon. In two days Diversion Books will release e-books editions of Owen Archer 1-7, 9 & 10 in the US and Canada. I can think of little else (though I’m doing my best to mark up the York map for the first… Continue Reading “Countdown to Owen Archer E-books in the US & Canada”

A Visit with Old Friends

I’ve spent a few weeks working with the Owen Archer novels to be re-released in eBook 28 July, and in trade paperback a month later. The tasks have seemed endless—writing fresh “flap copy” for each book (what do you call it when it’s also… Continue Reading “A Visit with Old Friends”

Coming Soon for US and Canadian Fans of Owen Archer and Margaret Kerr!

I am delighted to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Diversion Books for the US and Canadian re-release of the Owen Archer and the Margaret Kerr mysteries—in trade paperback and, at long last, E-BOOK (all platforms). This includes the four books never before… Continue Reading “Coming Soon for US and Canadian Fans of Owen Archer and Margaret Kerr!”

Shop Talk: Character-driven–Magda and Potter Digby

As I began writing The Apothecary Rose I envisioned Potter Digby as a loathsome creature in the spirit of Chaucer’s Summoner, a throwaway character no reader would mourn. And perhaps for some he remains that way. But not for me. I can’t recall which… Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Character-driven–Magda and Potter Digby”

Richard I’s Heart Analyzed

It is the year of Richards. First we learned that it is indeed King Richard III’s skeleton found beneath a car park in Leicester, and now Richard the Lionheart’s embalmed heart has been analyzed, the report now available in the journal Nature (nature dot… Continue Reading “Richard I’s Heart Analyzed”