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Guilliaume de Machaut and Hildegard of Bingen–exquisite performances

One of my morning rituals is to check out Myth and Moor, Terri Windling’s beautiful, inspiration, lively blog. On Mondays she shares music videos, and this week’s were a treat for early music lovers. And one of the performances is in York Minster!… Continue Reading “Guilliaume de Machaut and Hildegard of Bingen–exquisite performances”

Review of Perilous Passages published

My review of Perilous Passages: The Book of Margery Kempe, 1534-1934, Julie A. Chappell (Palgrave 2013) is up on “medievally speaking,” the blog of the International Society for the Study of Medievalism: Academic sleuthing at its best. You’ll remember Julie as one of… Continue Reading “Review of Perilous Passages published”

Is the skeleton really Richard III?

While some argue about where Richard III should be buried, others are still wondering whether the skeleton found in a Leicester carpark is indeed Dickon. In an article posted on BBC’s HistoryExtra online (27 March 2014), Michael Hicks, head of history at the University… Continue Reading “Is the skeleton really Richard III?”

The Aroma of York–oh my

So…ever wonder what a ghost smells like? How about rotten eggs? You know, sulfur. Ah. So if you smell rotten eggs your home is either haunted or–at least in the States–you have a natural gas leak. Fire and brimstone (that’s often cited as the… Continue Reading “The Aroma of York–oh my”

King Alfred’s or Edward the Elder’s Remains?

A pelvic bone found in the gardens of Hyde Abbey is the right age to belong to either King Alfred or Edward the Elder. It was found close to the location of the high altar, a spot reserved for important burials. Unfortunately, it… Continue Reading “King Alfred’s or Edward the Elder’s Remains?”