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Medieval York, Again?!

As promised, here is the third post I wrote for the Kate Clifford series blog tour in July. Enjoy! The What that’s begged the Why: I set my popular Owen Archer crime series in medieval York, the first book beginning just past the middle… Continue Reading “Medieval York, Again?!”

Series vs Standalone

As a reader, if you asked whether I favor books in series or standalone books I’d say I have no preference. However, as a writer I much prefer working on books in series. The following is a glimpse into what I’ve learned about myself… Continue Reading “Series vs Standalone”

Kate Clifford Series Blog Tour 3-21 July!

What is a blog tour, you might ask. Think of it as a virtual book tour–instead of hopping around the country appearing at bookstores and being interviewed on radio and TV, I’m touring around book blogs, where the first two Kate Clifford books will… Continue Reading “Kate Clifford Series Blog Tour 3-21 July!”

A Twisted Vengeance, A Starred PW Review!

I was not going to check my phone this morning until my second cup of tea–silver needle, so delicately fragrant, sip and enjoy and watch the birds discover the sun’s out in the garden. But halfway through the cup I had this urge to… Continue Reading “A Twisted Vengeance, A Starred PW Review!”

Women in Community–& a preview!

Ever since the Women’s March on Washington I’ve been thinking about the power of women in community. I’ve been writing about strong, clever, resourceful women throughout my career. Even in the Owen Archer series I surround my male sleuth with strong women–Lucie Wilton, the… Continue Reading “Women in Community–& a preview!”