Category: Joan of Kent

Manuscript Limbo

I hit send on a thoroughly rewritten manuscript this morning. It’s off to my publisher. I feel numb. At midnight last night (or this morning?) I finished proofing the last round of changes and felt a wonderful sense of calm. I slept well. But… Continue Reading “Manuscript Limbo”

Happily Ever After

I’ve been quiet, I know. My husband and I are caught up in providing hospice care to our fragile elder kitty, Agrippa, who is dying of congestive heart failure. He’s having more frequent crashes, panting for breath, his heart hammering. My husband and I… Continue Reading “Happily Ever After”

From Dogma to the Unknown

“Moving from dogma to the unknown is … a movement from dullness to aliveness, and life becomes an exploration, a celebration.” Inspiration can come from unexpected directions. The other morning this line from Catherine Ingram’s Passionate Presence (Gotham Books 2003) led me into a… Continue Reading “From Dogma to the Unknown”

Discovery, or Gently Unraveling Knots

I gently unravel the knots, patiently picking at glimpses of the women in the historical record, teasing out each event or mention, giving each some air, some space. And then I lay the freed thread next to the others, searching for the original pattern.… Continue Reading “Discovery, or Gently Unraveling Knots”

More Post Kalamazoo

Since the round table in celebration of Mark Ormrod’s Edward III (Yale, 2011), I’ve been rereading sections of the book with fresh eyes and mind. I first read it as I was rewriting Rebel Pawn, clearly reading the parts that might change my mind… Continue Reading “More Post Kalamazoo”