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Medieval Trivia: Undergarments, Noxious Neighbors, and Nine More Skeletons

As I searched the past few days for alternatives to the undergarment on the proposed a cover for A Triple Knot [Emma’s novel about Joan of Kent’s early marriage(s)] I remembered a fascinating find from last summer that I’d hesitated to post at the… Continue Reading “Medieval Trivia: Undergarments, Noxious Neighbors, and Nine More Skeletons”

Garter Day

Knee deep in details about the Order of the Garter for the book I’ve just submitted to my publisher, I enjoyed watching as today Queen Elizabeth, flanked by Prince Charles and Prince William, led the procession of Knights of the Garter to St George’s… Continue Reading “Garter Day”

After Kalamazoo

Over stimulated–that’s how I feel after attending the 47th international congress on medieval studies at Western Michigan University. For one thing, there’s the schedule: from the West Coast I need to depart early Wednesday morning in order to arrive in Kalamazoo in the early… Continue Reading “After Kalamazoo”

The Burden of Armor

This caught my eye today, modern re-enactors accustomed to wearing full medieval armor were put on treadmills to test their vital signs. Interesting, although having attended many sessions on military issues at the Kalamazoo and Leeds medieval congresses I already had a sense of… Continue Reading “The Burden of Armor”

The King’s Mistress–part of a lovely review

I discovered a lovely review of The King’s Mistress on Aimee Krenz’s blog Naked Pages ( last week. Of course I love it because it’s so positive, but even better she spoke to the heart of some of the aspects I hold most dear,… Continue Reading “The King’s Mistress–part of a lovely review”