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York as Inspiration

A reader who follows me on Facebook requested a post about why I chose York. I chuckled, because as a historian of late medieval England my immediate response is, “Why not?!” But that’s no fun, is it? Today, on the 35th anniversary of the… Continue Reading “York as Inspiration”

King Alfred's or Edward the Elder's Remains?

A pelvic bone found in the gardens of Hyde Abbey is the right age to belong to either King Alfred or Edward the Elder. It was found close to the location of the high altar, a spot reserved for important burials. Unfortunately, it… Continue Reading “King Alfred's or Edward the Elder's Remains?”

Richard III's Bones–To Be Buried In York Minster At Last?

According to the BBC:”Distant relatives of Richard III have been granted permission for a judicial review of the decision to rebury the king’s remains in Leicester. The Plantagenet Alliance launched a legal challenge to the decision made by the Ministry of Justice in May.… Continue Reading “Richard III's Bones–To Be Buried In York Minster At Last?”

14th Century Burial Beneath Pavings Behind Betty's in St Helen's Square, York

The skull of a man who had suffered a life-threatening wound that blinded him in early adulthood has been unearthed behind Betty’s Tearooms. Archaeologists from YAT have dated the remains to the late 14th century and have now closed the alleyway to excavate the… Continue Reading “14th Century Burial Beneath Pavings Behind Betty's in St Helen's Square, York”

Richard I's Heart Analyzed

It is the year of Richards. First we learned that it is indeed King Richard III’s skeleton found beneath a car park in Leicester, and now Richard the Lionheart’s embalmed heart has been analyzed, the report now available in the journal Nature (nature dot… Continue Reading “Richard I's Heart Analyzed”