Danièle Cybulskie Interviews Me for the Medievalist Podcast!

A week ago Danièle Cybulskie and I chatted about creating the worlds of my medieval novels. Here’s a link! She’s an Owen Archer fan, so we talk about how it all began with The Apothecary Rose and go on from there, eventually bringing in Kate Clifford and how those books differ from the Owen Archers.

Sorry about how my voice cuts out–my mistake. Never, ever forget the earbuds and mike, folks. Nuff said. But Danièle (aka 5 Minute Medievalist) is a pro and we  covered a lot of ground.

If the Medievalist podcast is new to you, be sure to listen to all the other installments. You will learn so much! It’s one of my favorite podcasts. And explore their website.

Now I’m diving back into Owen Archer #12, a scene with Lucie and Magda. Two of my favorite companions.

PS. Early in the podcast I make a subtle mistake in a name. Did you catch it?


2 Comments on “Danièle Cybulskie Interviews Me for the Medievalist Podcast!

  1. Hurray, Candace! I’ve been on a medical merry-go-round since you were in Michigan last May! It feels as though that has been spinning in the opposite direction of  my usual merry-go-round. Anyway, will you be in Kalamazoo again this year? Maybe I’ll actually get to see you. More soon, but love, Jo Ellyn


    • Hello old friend! I’ve emailed you.
      No, won’t be at Kalamazoo this year–I will be in Leeds, York, Pontefract, and London in mid May promoting the 11th Owen Archer and the 3rd Kate Clifford!


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