The new Owen Archer mystery!

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New for 2018 is Candace Robb’s latest addition to the Owen Archer Series.  After a hiatus of several years and numerous requests to continue the series,  Candace Robb presents the new book.

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  1. I really appreciate your insights! I hadn’t thought about the transition in narration. When my son was in older elementary school, I had an impossible time getting him to read, until he found this book. I reread it then myself and was grateful this opened my boy up to more reading adventures.


    • So glad you enjoyed it, Amy. So many people remember this as their favorite childhood book. I’m so glad I finally read it. White Fang, and his mother, are both enduringly endearing characters. Glad it opened up your son to the astonishing world of books!

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  2. Loved this blog post! It’s always fascinating to me to read writers’ reactions to novels. We read with two minds, in a way.

    Have you read Rick Bass’s book on wolves?


    • So glad you enjoyed it, Martha! No, I haven’t read Rick Bass on wolves. Which book should I read?!


      • I actually didn’t know he had more than one! A quick visit to Amazon confirms that the one I was thinking of is The Ninemile Wolves.


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