The Bone Jar and The Cross-Legged Knight in E-books

At long last, the 8th Owen Archer mystery, The Cross-Legged Knight, is out in The Cross-Legged Knight_cover KNIGHTe-book formats on 12 April! This was the one book not reissued in e-book and trade paperback in the US and Canada last summer because the rights were still held by the original publisher. But they’ve just reverted the rights back to me, and I gave Diversion Books the go-ahead to start the process of preparing it for publication in e-books (all platforms) and trade paperback. They amazed me by accomplishing the e-book conversion and cover design in the course of precisely ONE WEEK. An incredibly efficient team and a pleasure to work with. The trade paperback will be available shortly. As ever, this will likely show up on amazon first, then spread out to all e-book platforms by mid-week.

TheBoneJar_coverLARGEAnd, in case you missed it, last week we published an e-book version of an Owen Archer and Magda Digby short story, The Bone Jar. Chronologically it fits between The Nun’s Tale and The King’s Bishop, as Owen is awaiting the birth of his first child. I was invited to write it for an anthology marking the Nottingham Bouchercon, and it’s a joy to make it available to a wider audience. All English-language rights, so it should be available to all of you who read my books in English.


And, soon, the debut of the Kate Clifford mysteries!

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