Warmest Wishes for the Holidays!

Rises above Whitesands Bay, St. David’s, Pembrokeshire

My quiet street is alight in the evenings and the Christmas ships twinkle on the lake below. The longest night is near. For me the weeks surrounding the winter solstice share a magic with sites such as Carn Llidi, where the barriers between the mundane and the magical are so thin one might cross over all unaware. I’m steeped in dreams of otherwhere, otherwhen.

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Warmest wishes for your holiday season, dear readers!

Some medieval carols!

5 Comments on “Warmest Wishes for the Holidays!

  1. Thank you for advertising on BookBub. I had given up on seeing Owen & Archer in ebooks when “The Apothecary Rose” showed up in my emails. I’ll buy the series as soon as I stop procrastinating. I originally read it from the library but my house is too full for more paper books and the library doesn’t have everything.


    • Thank you for reading!

      In fairness, thanks for the BookBub idea goes to the savvy, energetic team at Diversion Books, who performed a miracle in turning 12 print books into ebooks within 2 months of signing the contract, brought them out in trade paperback within 4 months, and continue to support me like this. Amazing group!


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