Two Interviews on the Margaret Kerr Blog Tour

I’m momentarily distracted by an ongoing, quite heated argument between Kate Clifford and her mother. While I deal with them, I thought you might enjoy reading two interviews that appeared this week as part of Maggie’s tour. In the first, I’m interviewed; in the second my characters are interviewed. Enjoy!

And, in celebration of autumn, a photo of my beloved red bud putting on its annual display of Halloween colors.


4 Comments on “Two Interviews on the Margaret Kerr Blog Tour

  1. I am always interested to receive your postings Emma, I love the diversity and information contained in them – but I am compelled to ask, if I may, are you ever going to write any more Owen Archer books?

    I am an ardent fan of them, and have waited for many years now for the next book, surviving serious surgery along the way, but I am so utterly distraught that all these other books keep getting written or researched and there is no sign of Owen, Lucie, Magda and the others continuing their adventures. You wrote so vividly and brilliantly of medieval York  and Wales, and the machinations of the period –  the Owen Archer books are in a class of their own. I really miss them.

    Best regards,


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    • My love of York and the politics of late medieval England are back in my new Kate Clifford series, which begins in York, 1399 and will follow the political crisis caused by Richard II’s treatment of his cousin, Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV). The citizens and the Archbishop of York play an exciting and tragic role in the ensuing turmoil. I think you will love Kate & Co. Watch for THE SERVICE OF THE DEAD, publication planned for May in the US (Pegasus Books). If you are in the US or Canada, you may have missed the 9th and 10th Owen Archers, THE GUILT OF INNOCENTS and A VIGIL OF SPIES, published this summer by Diversion Books in trade paperback and e-book in the US and Canada.


  2. I just finished the Margaret Kerr trilogy, which I enjoyed very much. However, the ending of the third book left me looking for more. Does Maggie go to her great aunt to learn more about living with and using the Sight? Where do her relationships with James and Hal go? Does she really dump Celia back with her mother-in-law or does Celia insist on accompanying her on her new journey? How is Maggie involved in the continuing struggle of the Scots against the occupation by Longshanks’ army? I was really hoping to learn more and was so disappointed to find that the story ended where it did. Do you plan to ever write another Margaret Kerr book?


    • Your questions are the very ones that haunt me, Carla. But I’m not working on Maggie in the foreseeable future. What’s beyond that, I never know. Thank you for telling me how much you enjoyed the trilogy!


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