In Celebration of the E-book Launch of the Owen Archer Series

Today’s the day! And in honor of Owen Archer’s return to North America (an interesting feat for a mid-14th century Welshman, eh?), my friend Patricia Bracewell, invited me to appear on her blog for a Q&A about my mysteries. Check it out! I enjoyed answering her questions.

And Diversion Books has arranged a great deal to entice you:

I’m feeling pretty good about all this, can you tell?

12 Comments on “In Celebration of the E-book Launch of the Owen Archer Series

  1. I used to have *all* of the Owen/Lucie books, painstakingly collected – and then they all disappeared in a water-damaged container on a transatlantic move. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that I can get them all back in less drownable form!

    But I just have to ask – now that I’ve finally finished ‘A Vigil of Spies’, is the series going to continue? I’d really love to know how they all get on post-Thoresby…


    • How heartbreaking about the water damage. So glad you are reunited with the books! I’m working on a new York series at the moment, but fiddling with several Owen Archer plots in the background. So if all goes well….


  2. Congratulations (a bit belated). I got back into the Owen Archer series when I ran across one of them in my basement after a minor flood. It annoyed me to know that other volumes were available in the UK, so I can’t wait. I hope you can get a new storyline working. Good luck with all your new projects.


  3. I’ve been reading the Owen Archer series but can’t seem to find Book Eight. Is that available? Thanks – I am enjoying these books immensely!


    • Thank you for your note, Kathleen. So glad you’re enjoying the books! I’m assuming you’re reading them in e-book? Unfortunately, the original US publisher hasn’t reverted the rights of #8 to me, so it’s at present available only in print–trade paperback. (I’ll try to switch on the notifications–never tried that before.)


      • Thanks, Candace! I now read everything in e–format as I can enlarge the print while using my treadmill. As I said before, I Love This Owen Archer series and still have about 4 or 5 left to read. Hopefully I will be able to read number 8 in the trade format when I finish the rest. Thank you for taking time to reply to my post. Kathleen Gilbert


  4. I am recent convert to the Owen Archer series and finished #10 this morning.
    I was very disappointed to discover you had not added more recent books after Archbishop Thoresby’s death as your note suggested. I came to your site hoping to find new books were in the works.
    I know that authors often find it difficult to continue a long-running series, especially after an important character has been taken out. But as a reader, it is much more difficult to find an author who CAN maintain the excellence of a series after 4 or so books…
    Owen’s series was unique in its excellence for historical accuracy and depth of characters…
    I so hope you can bring yourself to reanimate Owen and Lucie, Jasper and Alisoun… And add new characters from historical England…


    • Thank you for your note, and for saying that the series has remained fresh through 10 books. I’m presently working on a three-book contract for the Kate Clifford series, which is set in York, slightly later (begins 1399) than the Owen Archers. However the Owen Archer characters are all very much alive in my imagination (in fact, they are, little by little, infiltrating Kate’s world). What’s next? I never know.


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