Countdown to Owen Archer E-books in the US & Canada

It’s Sunday afternoon. In two days Diversion Books will release e-books editions of Owen Archer 1-7, 9 & 10 in the US and Canada. I can think of little else (though I’m doing my best to mark up the York map for the first Kate Clifford mystery–Charlie is waiting to work his magic on the map).

It seems only fair that you, my readers, should be the first to see the beautiful covers the team at Diversion Books created for these–they’ll also grace the trade paperbacks, which should be available by late August.

So here they are, in order!

The Apothecary Rose (Small)The Lady Chapel (Small) (2)The Nuns Tale (Small)The Kings Bishop (Small)The Riddle of St (Small)

A Gift of Sanctuary (Small)

A Spy for the Redeemer (Small)The Guilt of Innocents (Small)A Vigil of Spies (Small)

And the two most recent, The Guilt of Innocents and A Vigil of Spies, are published in the US and Canada for the first time this week, in any format. So those of you who thought there were only 8 Owen Archers, surprise! The series didn’t end with The Cross-legged Knight after all.

Aha. I hear the whispers, But where IS The Cross-legged Knight? Aren’t there 10 books in the series? Yes, but #8 is still available in trade paperback by my original publisher, so it couldn’t be part of this package.

I’ll post links to special offers here this week, and a link to Patricia Bracewell’s blog–she cooked up a Q&A for the launches of both the Owen Archer and the Margaret Kerr e-books (Maggie, 11 August) that we both think you will enjoy! You’ll learn how I worked with the team at Diversion to create the fresh look, along with many other fun facts Pat teased out of me.

7 Comments on “Countdown to Owen Archer E-books in the US & Canada

  1. Very nice, Candace–and look at the size of that NAME!


  2. That’s excellent news! So glad that they’re available as e-books now! Too bad about book #8 not being included. Will there be an e-book in the future? Thanks! And congratulations!


    • I hope the publisher will either finally revert the rights and let Diversion Books do #8 or bring it out in ebooks themselves. We’ll keep prodding them.
      Thank you, Juliette! I’m very happy about this.


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