Video Interview and Upcoming Conference

A month ago I had the pleasure of meeting William Kenower, editor of AUTHOR magazine, when he came to my office to film a 10 minute interview. As you’ll see, he has a knack for putting an author at ease. We had such a good time! I think it shows in the finished product. Enjoy!

AUTHOR magazine is sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA). This coming weekend, writers, editors, and agents from far away and nearby will convene at the the 49th annual PNWA summer conference:

I’ll be at the big autograph party Friday night (18 July) from 8:30-10:00. On Saturday (19 July), I will lead a workshop on A Moment in Time: Focusing the Historical Novel. I intend it to be very interactive; I want everyone to have a chance to work through the steps and get feedback, if possible. So this Thursday I’ll post some ideas to ponder in preparation–just in case you’re going to be there. And if you can’t attend, you can interact in the comments at any time. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

4 Comments on “Video Interview and Upcoming Conference

  1. I very much enjoyed the interview! So interesting. I’m looking forward to reading “A Triple Knot”. I’ve been a fan of your writing since the beginning of the Owen Archer series. Thanks for the message about the conference & the video.


    • A long-time fan! Thank you for telling me, Michele. And I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. We had fun making it. I love talking shop.


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