What’s On My Mind….

Yesterday, sitting in a friend’s living room with a serene view of Puget Sound, we talked about art being a process of expressing the essence, not the outer form–whether it’s writing, dance, painting, composing music, performing music. And to arrive there, to see it, feel it, hear it, we need to be quiet. Our unique insight arises from quiet observation with all the senses in play.

Getting to that quiet place is a challenge three weeks before publication of A Triple Knot. There are interviews (one with Bill Kenower of Author magazine last week), a new website in the works (I’m not creating it, but I have many tasks), readings/signings to arrange and prepare for–each day new tasks. A book proposal for the next Emma Campion work, a plan for the workshop I’m offering at the PNWA conference in mid July, an unexpected request to summarize some old work.

What’s on my mind? Too much! So I’m waiting for the rain to pause, and I’ll go pull some ivy, take a long walk, refresh my senses.


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