Richard III for Leicester, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Masterwork

Britain’s high court has ruled that Dickon will be buried in Leicester.

I’m not surprised.

Nor am I upset. I’m far too sad about the exquisite Charles Rennie Mackintosh building that is home to the Glasgow School of Art going up in flames. Now the BBC is saying the firefighters believe they’ve saved most of the building, but is the library saved?!

Mackintosh library

And what about all the students’ final projects, just handed in?

3 Comments on “Richard III for Leicester, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Masterwork

  1. Thanks for letting us know about RIII’s finding final rest in Leicester!Also, I read in this morning’s British newspapes that the fire in Glasgow did not destroy the library though 30% of this incredible building was destroyed (or so this morning’s numbers indicated). Sigh.


    • That’s such good news about the library–I have been thinking about my little pilgrimage of awe about 10 years ago to see the library I’d read so much about. Photos cannot do it justice. But the entire building is a jewel, and it’s sad that any of it is lost.

      It’s about time Dickon went to his rest, isn’t it?


      • Terrible news in a Guardian article:
        The “iconic and unique” library at Glasgow School of Art has been lost in the fire that swept through the building. After an inspection of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh structure on Saturday, the school revealed that the majority of the structure was “intact”.

        Broadcaster Muriel Gray, the art school’s chairwoman, said the institution’s archives had also been saved. She said: “Bad news first is that we have lost the iconic and unique Mackintosh library. This is an enormous blow and we are understandably devastated.”


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