So the Voynich Manuscript May Not Be a Fake?

So the Voynich Manuscript May Not Be a Fake?

My thanks to my friend Chris Nickson for sending me this link today. I love this sort of scholarly sleuthing–like Julie’s Chappell’s work in tracking down the different rubricators in the Margery Kempe manuscript (The Perilous Passage of the Book of Margery Kempe). Enjoy!

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  1. Fascinating! Thank you for posting…I think some of my students will enjoy this as well. I’ve always been intrigued by how Latinate the Voynich script looks.


  2. Hi Emma,

    I was fascinated by the images on the Voynich Manuscript. Have you seen this link?

    The illustrations depicted from the Voynich could almost be identical in style. I have also seen close similarities in ancient Ayurvedic Text depictions – and am also reminded of Nicholas Culpeper and his ‘Complete Herbal’ manual.

    It is though ancient knowledge recycles throughout history to be reborn in different generations via gifted individuals…

    Talking Apothecaries – how are Lucy, Owen, Magda and Alisoun doing??

    Best Regards

    (Devoted Owen Archer et al fan)


    • I agree about the Ayurvedic texts–when I first saw photos from this ms I immediately thought Ayurvedic. But you’re right, it looks a lot like many of the herbals.

      Lucie, Owen and Alisoun are pulling me along in the manuscript. Magda’s away (at least in this draft), but Bess and Tom are a bit more involved than they’ve been in recent books. And Chaucer’s irritating Owen. What a crew. Thanks for asking!


  3. I have not seen this manuscript “live” but have read about it. This is wonderful detective work! The ascenders on certain “letters” used by the Voynich scribe make the script look at times almost Persian in origin or imitation which coheres with what Bax speculates about the scribe. Manuscripts and all their mysteries! Thank you for posting this, Candace.


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