Richard III’s Bones–To Be Buried In York Minster At Last?

According to the BBC:”Distant relatives of Richard III have been granted permission for a judicial review of the decision to rebury the king’s remains in Leicester. The Plantagenet Alliance launched a legal challenge to the decision made by the Ministry of Justice in May. The group, including 15 of Richard III’s relatives, wants a York burial claiming it was King Richard’s wish.”

York Minster from the city wall
York Minster from the city wall

Vanessa Roe, of the Plantagenet Alliance, said: “It is well documented throughout the centuries that he wanted his remains to be buried in York, amongst his family.”

Of course the Leicester city mayor feels Richard belongs where he was found. My favorite quote in the article is his comment: “It is not surprising the courts want to rule on this as it’s not every day a king is found tucked away in a car park.” Italics mine.

I do think it makes far more sense than Leicester! What do you think?

4 Comments on “Richard III’s Bones–To Be Buried In York Minster At Last?

  1. Richard spent his last night in Leceister and marched his troops out of the city on the morning of battle. It seems to me that the since Grayfriars monks buried him, when possibly no one else wanted to, he deserves to remain in what was the heart of his kingdom. The history is there and so was the find, when he was lost to history.


    • True. It’s all about where one’s sympathies lie. Spending so much time delving into the hearts of historical figures, I realize I naturally side with what I believe their preference would be. And that of their ancestors. But ancestors so far removed? It is murky.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alexis.


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