The Last Beguine

The spiritual community I find most inspiring and appealing in the middle ages is that of the Beguines. I’d no idea they still existed–or did until last month. Here is a beautifully composed tribute to the last of the Beguines. Perhaps this quiet obituary will resonate with some contemporary women looking for peace in our troubled world.

Just continued reading on the medieval feminist forum this morning that she is not the last Beguine, there are still members of the community in Germany.
At least as of 2005.

For a deeper look at the issues surrounding research on Beguines, read Jennifer Deane’s article here.
Jennifer would welcome feedback on the issues she presents. And stay tuned–she’s tentatively agreed to write a post for this blog later this summer.

3 Comments on “The Last Beguine

  1. What a great story. I never heard of this group, either. I’m impressed that they managed to exist in the middle ages, and feel sad that they are no more.


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