Black Death Burials Beneath Charterhouse Square

Thanks to my friend Chris Nickson I started my day reading about yet another marvelous find in England, this a slice of what the archeologists believe to be a burial ground from the early part of the pandemic in the mid 14th century–the bodies are neatly laid out in rows, wrapped in shrouds, as opposed to the later mass graves with the bodies just piled in. Pottery at the site is from this period. Here are some links:

The Crossrail project itself is fascinating. They knew starting out that they were likely to encounter significant sites, this being an underground project through London. So exciting! Thanks, Chris!

One Comment on “Black Death Burials Beneath Charterhouse Square

  1. IO find these sites very interesting , as to our Ancestors , Children now-a days do not seem to learn OUR OWN HISTORY , which is a shame and wrong !


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