Richard III's Bones Unearthed

The bones found beneath a Leicester carpark match the DNA of Richard III’s descendants. He had scoliosis, but there’s no evidence of a withered arm. Horrific wounds. He will be buried with honors in Leicester Cathedral. Rest in peace, Richard, victim of Tudor propaganda.

3 Comments on “Richard III's Bones Unearthed

  1. History is always written by the victors, & so the killer of the princes in the tower has been discovered, vile & evil hunchback.Thank you Henry VII & Shakespeare for your point of view & now Englands.

    To many Richard is the last true king of the illustrious line of the house York, the last medieval monarch of an ancient house to be killed in battle. One who given time may have been a famous king of England. While in the future you may lie in Leicester cathedral, you may always be thought of in York minster, rest in peace Richard, son of the house of York, & as you say victim of Tudor propaganda.


  2. When this news broke, I had just been reading “The Three Richards” by the British historian Nigel Saul. While he agrees with fellow historians that the Tudors were largely responsible for perpetuating the idea that Richard killed the princes, he also notes that several observers writing during Richard’s reign noted their deaths in a way that suggested Richard’s complicity (Saul 220-223). I was wondering why St. Quiricus (Cyr or Cyricus), a boy-martyr venerated on birth girdles produced in the last quarter of the 15th century, had become so popular and thought it could be tied to loyalty to the vanished princes. I always am amazed when historical discoveries coincide with my research.


    • What wonderful serendipity, Mary. I’ll have to dig out Saul’s book (I’m not so rigid a Yorkist that I’m not curious…). I’d love to have you write a guest post about your birth girdle research. Let me know if you’re ever interested.


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