Casting Call, York Minster

A few years ago my husband and I had the great good fortune to tour the York Minster stone yard and the stone workers’ workshop, courtesy of our good friend Richard Shephard, the Development Director for the Minster. The delightful characters in the photo above, replacements for carvings that are too far gone to save, were assembled in the stone yard just as you see them.

The stone workers are experts on the minster carvings, and create their fresh pieces with an eye to continuing the styles they’ve identified throughout the minster. A creative bridge from the medieval period to the present. I felt a kinship with them–we are inspired by the past, study it with deep respect and appreciation, and in our art pay homage to it.

One Comment on “Casting Call, York Minster

  1. Thanks for the photo, and reminder that there are artisans & craftsmen who help keep such historic places ‘alive’ for us today.


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