6 July–US Publication Day

This is a special day for me. Although the British version of The King’s Mistress went on sale in the UK last summer, my work on the book was not over. For the US and foreign language editions I was to cut roughly 100 pages.

This is not something I could do by simply crossing out sections. I revised extensively—there are some new scenes, revised scenes, embellished scenes, intensified scenes, truncated  scenes, and removed scenes. Two names have been changed.

So this feels like the day I truly release The King’s Mistress into the world.

I’m a little breathless….

5 Comments on “6 July–US Publication Day

  1. Congratulations Emma!!!! I received an ARC of your novel and squeeled with delight because I had been eyeing it for months now! I can’t wait to dive in.

    The cover is GORGEOUS!!!

    I hope you had a great release day and cheers to your success!



  2. I loved this book. Now I wish to read the meatier British version. I want more! Thanks for a well told story and for bringing Alice Perrers to life.


    • Reading both versions?! Alice–I miss her. Thank you for the note!


  3. Emma, I have just finished reading your amazing novel. You are such a wonderful author – I’m tempted to sit down and read it again! I find often in historical fiction I skip over parts that I find “boring” – I don’t think I skipped a word of your story, because it was truly about Alice. All political events were directly related to her current situation, and therefore very interesting. I can’t really think of enough superlatives to express what I think about your book and your stellar writing. Now I can’t wait for the next one – you have a forever fan here!


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