And so it begins….

As it’s  just over a month until my novel The King’s Mistress hits the bookstores in the US, I thought it a propitious time to launch a blog. I’ve been inspired by all the promotional pieces I’ve been preparing for the book launch. I hadn’t expected to so enjoy writing about why I wrote the book and why I write what I do (which is really all about what I love about what I do).

So I’ll continue to do so, here.

Stay tuned. I look forward to engaging with you.


2 Comments on “And so it begins….

  1. Hi Emma,
    I am reading your book The King’s Mistress and can’t put it down. I was sent an ARC from the publisher and I will post a review soon. I have a question. How do you pronounce Janyn? I have searched with no success. It drives me nuts I’m not sure how to say it.
    Happy you have a blog also…


    • Hi Wisteria,
      Your comment made my day! Thank you.

      I pronounce it with the accent on Jan, pronounced as the nickname for Janet, and the “yn” like the word “in”. Mark Ormrod, who’s British, pronounces it that way, and that’s how it stuck for me.



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